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Infrastructures are expected to provide reliable services for very long periods of time, covering major technology changes, spanning several generations and experiencing dramatic evolutions of the individual and collective aspirations for quality of life. The increasing demand for mobility and supply of goods is driven first by demographic growth, but also by a number of factors such as urbanisation or macro-economic development. Climate change is another major driver which will force us to alter our behavioural patterns regarding consumption of energy, supply and transport of goods, and even our leisure time.

All these factors affect infrastructure lines and their nodes. Networks at the service of society should aim at enhancing the level of service offered to the citizens regarding efficient and effective mobility, which includes inter-operability and information of lines and supply of goods while meeting social, environmental and economic objectives.

The Infrastructure & Mobility (I&M) Committee of ECTP is a networking forum within ECTP for all stakeholders that see the need to comprehensively tackle the challenges infrastructures are facing. Construction constitutes an integrating environment for a multitude of trades and crafts that shapes our daily and immediate environment. ECTP provides the grounds to facilitate innovative approaches for the needs of European society. The Committee targets a European-wide infrastructure initiative aiming to develop RDI-programme dedicated to infrastructure topics.

ECTP Infrastructure & Mobility Committee Chair: Miguel Segarra (DRAGADOS)

ECTP I&M Committee Executive Board Members

Name Organisation 
Miguel Segarra DRAGADOS
Clemente Fuggini (Coordinator) RINA Consulting
Daan Boddeke ARUP
Noemi Jimenez Redondo CEMOSA
Thierry Goger FEHRL
João Moutinho  PTPC
Jan Suchorzewski RISE
Stefano Carosio STAM
Jesus Isoird TECNALIA
Willy Peelen TNO
Geert-Jan Bluemink VTT
Darko Kokot ZAG