Event Detail

26.10.2016 | Rome (IT)

REFINET Workshop (The REFINET SIP & Deployment of the SIP), 26 October, Rome (IT)

REFINET aims at identifying future research needs and at supporting the technology transfer and mass-market deployment of existing innovative technologies, such as materials, components, systems and processes to support Transport Infrastructure (TI) modernization using a multimodal approach to TI investment decisions, especially for what concerns urban mobility, multimodal hubs and long-distance corridors. To achieve both objectives, REFINET offers a number of solutions enabling decision-makers to carry out an integrated evaluation and selection of projects and programs.

The REFINET solutions banks on the “High Level Service Infrastructure” (HLSI) framework, being based on the implementation of the “Multi-Modal Transport Infrastructure” (RMMTI) model defined in the project. The RMMTI model, filled in with a catalogue of Best Practice a High-Potential Technologies, is the kernel of the REFINET Geo-Clustering Platform, that can be used as a tool for multimodal transport infrastructure decisions on investments and future priorities.  The project outcomes are now to be disseminated through a deployment strategy to help stakeholders (e.g. Decision and Public Bodies, Members States Ministries, The European Commission, Infrastructure Managers and Operators, etc.) make informed decisions and identify the technologies they need to improve their TI or the network overall.

As part of a series of two workshops for the deployment of the REFINET SIP, the first event to be held on 26 October by D’Appolonia, leader of the Deployment of the REFINET Strategy, will be the occasion to officially present the proposed deployment strategy and discuss it with a number of invited experts.