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Highlights and Success Stories of TRA 2018

With more than 3.600 unique participants TRA 2018 was the best visited TRA of all time. Experts from 65 Countries and all continents of the world participated in this year‘s Arena! With a 7.000m² Exhibition Area that included over 90 Exhibitors, 26 external technical tours, or the industrial round table a huge variety of formats was offered.

TRA 2018 was judged by all the different experts and visitors to be a major inspiration for all transport researchers in Europe, and Austrian actors and initiatives have once again moved further into the centre of European mobility of the future. Currently, mobility opportunities are changing faster than ever. With TRA 2018, a start line was drawn up, which in two years’ time will surely be well equipped to face the challenges and transformations of future mobility with the TRA 2020 in Finland.

ECTP was one of the co-organisers of the event and has been invited to contribute for TRA 2020.

The next edition of the Transport Research Arena conference, TRA 2020, will take place in Helsinki on 26-30 April 2020. With the theme of “Enabling the transformation – transport and mobility (r)evolution for smart, green and integrated society”, TRA 2020 will showcase the disruption of transport and mobility RDI, as well as ways to enable and foster a Europe-wide transformation in all transport modes.

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