Event Detail

07.03.2017 | Bucharest (RO)

REFINET Workshop: SIP & Deployment of the SIP, 7 March, Bucharest (RO)

REFINET aims at identifying future research needs and supporting the mass-market deployment of existing innovative technologies, such as materials, components, systems and processes to support Transport Infrastructure (TI) modernisation using a multimodal approach to TI investment decisions, especially for what concerns urban mobility, multimodal hubs and long-distance corridors. To achieve these objectives, REFINET offers solutions enabling TI decision-makers (e.g. Public Bodies, Ministries, The EC, Infrastructure Managers and Operators, etc.) to carry out an integrated evaluation and selection of projects and programs.

This workshop will be held in Bucharest on 7 March 2017 with a twofold aim:

  1. present the results of the collaboration with the two case study countries to date and finalise the short-term roadmap approach as illustrated by the Romanian case study;
  2. start exploring the medium to long-term roadmap timescale, primarily with the Romanian case study, aiming at feeding information to Policy Makers, Public Bodies and Members States Authorities on future research topics.

An overall roadmap of deployment for the REFINET solutions in the context of European Transport Infrastructure as well as specifically in the context of one of the case study countries, Romania, will be prepared from the proceedings of the workshop and will be presented by D’Appolonia at the final REFINET conference on 5 April 2017.

In parallel, a wider consultation activity towards selected members of the REFINET community is taking place to produce a final list of high priority topics which will be recommended as high priority research and deployment actions to the key stakeholders, including European Transport Technology Platforms, the Executive Agency for Transport (INEA) in charge of the TEN-T agenda and the European Commission.